Are these issues familiar?

Our strategy doesn’t work. There is no communication between higher and lower hierarchical levels. There isn’t enough time. We can’t innovate enough. Our teams can’t deliver value to our customers. We have endless and ineffective meetings. We don’t have autonomy to work. We don’t know how to scale without becoming slow. We say one thing and do another. Conflicts are growing and relationships are wearing out.

Symptoms of a greater evil

These symptoms are part of a deeper problem: we still operate our organizations with mechanistic practices and methods, born two industrial revolutions ago.

We need social technologies that can handle the complexity of 21st century work. 

I want it for my organization

Our work takes shape in the following ways

Workshops and Training

We conduct workshops and trainings on topics such as agility, self management, cultural hacking, productivity and difficult conversations. It may be a first contact with us for a longer project afterwards!

Change and Transformation

We facilitate transformation processes by seeking organic and responsive designs. We have a special way of working here with short contracts, renewed quarterly.

Coaching and mentoring

We support individuals in the transformation processes with coaching and mentoring. However, we believe that structural changes are a prerequisite for individual work to be effective!

Disruption is a buzzword and works better on the internet than in real life. We prefer evolutionary infection rather than artificial rollouts and big reorganizations.

Topics we support


Fast learning and continuous adaptation of value delivery, not just for software development teams. We offer training, practice development and Agile transformations for any type of organization.



Organizational design of self-managed teams with clear roles and agreements. We are one of the first players on the Brazilian market to work with organizational design focused on self-management. 



Treatment of cultural patterns in a practical and experimental way. We teach groups and companies to handle organizational culture differently, not only with traditional values statements. 


Languages and frameworks we use

We created our own approaches to help organizations navigate the VUCA world:

Organic Organization (O2): It’s a management system that helps organizations become more adaptive, self-organized and purpose-centered. Inspired by Holacracy and Sociocracy 3.0.

Cultural Design (CD): A systematized approach to addressing cultural issues in organizations through experimentation and prototyping. Inspired by Design Thinking and Agile.

We also specialize in more popular and widespread frameworks and methods:

Scrum: Small, self-organized, and customer-centered teams that deliver value in short Sprints.

Kanban: An evolutionary method for continuous improvement and value delivery.

And several other approaches, like Design Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, Dialog, and so on.

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