Organic Organization

Ready to radically change the way you run your business? This ebook will help you create or evolve your organization to make it more agile, self-organized and adaptive. Learn how an explicit and distributed structure of roles and circles can eliminate bureaucracy, politicking and make your management much more effective.

Ebook Organização Orgânica


Part 1 – The method is presented along with the story of Mangia, a fictitious company that got tired of traditional management and is looking for new ways to organize itself. The concepts are presented with examples of meetings and interactions between the participants in this story.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting to know  Mangia
  3. Roles and Circles
  4. Meetings
  5. Circles and Double Bonding
  6. Restrictions

Part 2 – We present what we have learned so far about the process of adopting practices and organizational transformation to promote self-management.

  1. A new language
  2. How and when to start
  3. The individual journey
  4. Myths about the change process
  5. Consulting or the Dance of Changes
  6. Commented meta-agreements
  7. Attachments

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