What is Organic Organization (O2)?

O2 is a social technology that helps organizations to become more adaptive, self-organized and purpose-centered. It is composed of a set of essential rules (its “Meta-Agreements”) plus a library of constantly evolving organizational patterns.

Meta-Agreements (Portuguese)

O2 IS Open-Source

O2 is available on GitHub and you can contribute by submitting pull requests. There is a community on Target Teal’s Slack of org-designers, facilitators and enthusiasts contributing to the creation of new patterns and improving the Meta-Agreements. Currently the development happens only in Portuguese, but you still can send us suggestions in English.

How to live and breath O2

Self-Management with O2 Course

For you to learn in practice how O2 social technology can help catalyze self-organization and self-management in a team or company. Full of simulations and practical exercises.

Format: In person (2 days in a row) or online (videoconference meetings).
Duration: ~16h.
Prerequisites: None.

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For you to develop your ability to act as a change agent in the adoption of self-organizing patterns & practices inside a real organization.

Format: Face-to-face meetings, online interactions and real practice within the organization you chose.
Duration: 94h over 16 weeks.
Prerequisites: Self-Management with O2 or equivalent.

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We can create a customized format for your journey with O2. Some options include mentoring (we advise you and you do it) or consulting (we do it for you and train people afterwards).

We can also run trainings in company or create programs to train change agents internally. Get in touch to find out more so we can design something together.

Get in touch (Global)

Learning O2 by yourself

When we created the Organic Organization, we dreamed of an open framework, free for both organizations to use and consultants to sell. Therefore, we do everything to make all the content we create about O2 available and accessible to everyone. Yet, most of this material is available in Portuguese only. If you still and to get the material, check this page in Portuguese.

Check out some organizations that are adopting O2

If your organization isn’t here, send us a message in [email protected]

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