Bring self-management
to your work

An intensive learning experience in power distribution practices.

Bring self-management
to your work

An intensive learning experience in power distribution practices.

Self-Management with O2

Self-Management with O2

Through simulations, games and exercises, you will learn how organizations can get rid of the hierarchical structures  by adopting a distributed and organic management system.

Interaction protocols that improve meeting effectiveness and give voice to everyone

A language of patterns that will help you to look more critically to existing organizational practices

How to create agreements that give people autonomy and establish clear authority

How to take care of the tribal space and people’s individual needs

How to facilitate a progressive transformation towards self-management

How to run incremental and continuous organizational design experiments 

Training Content

The entire training consists of 5 sessions to be facilitated online through Zoom, where we will work on self-management through games, simulations and exercises.

Turma Online

Online Session #1

  • Brief history of O2: Introducing our blend of self-management practices
  • WIN-WIN games: The nature of Collaboration
  • The Building Blocks: Short overview of the whole process
  • Getting to know each other: Network weaving between the participants
  • Paralells with other Methods: Exploring similarities and differences with other methodologies
  • Why Self Management: Exploring the rabit hole of power distribution
  • Tyranny of structurelessness: how not to fall into this trap
  • Org Design Lenses: Understanding organizations as social systems

Online Session #2

  • The why: The human and survival crisis of organizations
  • The framework: General concepts of the Organic Organization
  • Role components: Purpose, Responsibilities and Artifacts
  • Creative Tensions and how to process them
  • Reviewing work to generate transparency
  • Synchronization to process tensions using agreements

Games used: Mangia Simulation

Online Session #3

  • Structure: elements of the O2 org structure
  • Adapt: adapting roles, circles and restrictions
  • Integrative decision: evolving the structure
  • Restrictions: creating constraints that affect the entire circle
  • Objections: when someone sees a reason why a proposal is not safe enough to try
  • Integration: integrating the objections that emerge

Games: Mangia Simulation and Tension Processing Game

Online Session #4

  • Circles: how to scale self-management with a fractal system
  • Links: connections between circles
  • Tribal space: how to take care of relationships
  • Deep listening with the Light Forum
  • Essential Roles: Facilitator and Secretary
  • Elections

Games used: Light Forum Practice

Online Session #5

  • Anti-patterns: management practices in conflict with O2
  • Pattern library: an extension of O2
  • People: patterns for compensation, firing and hiring
  • Transition: how to get there and stories from real organizations
  • Getting started: Role Description
  • Final motivation and summary

Games used: Org Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions


If for some unforeseen event you are unable to attend one of the online sessions, we will offer you the chance to recover it in a future event. Just be aware that this recovery is limited to one per participant.

You can cancel and be refunded the amount (except for EventBrite fees) as long as your order is placed 7 days in advance of the event date. We suggest you do not cancel your reservation, instead offer your seat to a friend who might be interested.

Online sessions will be recorded only if one participant requests and if all others consent to the recording. It is important that you attend to all online sessions, so we advise you to register for the training considering this.